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As compared to the time when Dubai was still a fishing hub, you can find a number of things to do in Dubai today. Though it is said that summer is the worst time to visit Dubai. That is because the Dubai temperature is very high due to it being a desert city. Summer months in Dubai are when the number of people planning their trip to Dubai drops their plans. They want to visit where the temperatures are cooler.

The one thing that most tourists don’t consider is that most of the things to do in Dubai today are now located in full covered buildings with air-conditioning. All the most sought after Dubai attractions have to come inside the buildings. These buildings are made to match the temperatures of the North Pole even when the sun is in full swing outside. You will not be able to get affected by it in any way. Even when you want to commute, the Dubai Taxi and the Dubai Metro are fully air-conditioned.

Cheapest Time To Visit Dubai

If you are making your plan to visit Dubai to spend your summer vacation, you are doing the best thing. Do not be scared of the weather Dubai shows you in terms of temperature. You don’t have to actually experience it.

In addition to that summer in Dubai is actually the cheapest time to visit Dubai. You will not have to deal with the high number of tourists due to them avoiding Dubai. In addition to that, you would be able to find budget-friendly offers at this time that might not be available in the winter months of Dubai visit.

Leading Dubai Indoor Activities

Some of the leading Dubai activities that are located indoors
  • First, you can head over to IMG Worlds of Adventure for the best roller coaster in Dubai, Velociraptor roller coaster. Make sure you go on an empty stomach. You don’t want to feel the breakfast rising.
  • Test yourself and see if you have the stomach to complete the most coveted Haunted Hotel. If you love fun activities and the scariest ones, you can take on this challenge. If you survive the Haunted Hotel, you can reward yourself at Tony’s Skydeck restaurant and grab something to calm your nerves.
  • We all have had the urge to throw things but then thought the better of it considering we would have to repurchase it. Well, at Smash Room Dubai you can break all the things you want because you will not have to pay the big price to get something back. You can let your emotions run free and let the inner Avenger in you take the reins.
  • Defy all the laws of gravity by becoming a high fly professional at iFly Dubai at Mirdif City Center. 
  • Shopaholics this one is for you. Take part in the Dubai Shopping Festival that happens every year when summertime rolls in. You can find some of the best offers on brands and the leading Dubai attractions. These won’t be something you would find in the winter months.
  • Tackle and emerge victorious at the end of all the 21 challenges at TEPFactor Dubai. Complete teamwork is required for this. Without the complete cooperation of everyone, you won’t be able to complete this.
  • Dubai Autodrome is your next stop with the same set of groups. You all can either go for Go Karting or take on another challenge with the laser tag battle!

Dubai Mall is mostly in the center of all the happenings in Dubai. You cannot only shop but also find thousands of species of fish in the Dubai Aquarium, get all the candies you love from the largest candy shop in the city right opposite it. You can find many other fun activities and also visit the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, which is located in the mall.