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Dubai Visa Types

Dubai has been one of the most prestigious destination sites in the world. If you are going to Dubai then you need a visa to stay here. Many people have visited Dubai while some of them are facing issues in the visa process while travelling to Dubai. Approval of a Dubai visa is a very critical process; hence Emirate Visa Services are there to solve all your queries and issues of visa. Emirate Visa Services offer visa services regarding Dubai tourist visa or UAE visit visa.

The Dubai tourist visa price ranges from time to time. There are 2 types of tourist visas named express visas and normal visas. But on average, it costs around 165 USD for 14 days of tourist visa while 180 USD for 30 days for a tourist visa while if you are applying for an express visa, it costs you more than 205 USD for 14 days’ time period while 225 USD FOR 30-day time period.

Our Services

Emirate Visa Services offer a range of services starting from workers to business entrepreneurs to setup their business or any candidate who wants to study in Dubai but needs Dubai visit visa. We also offer Agra-food pilot, Rural and northern immigration pilot, moving from one to another country, caregiver programs, etc. We provide this facility also to experience our services to a various range of customers. We also provide express entry facilities to our clients in the best possible manner.

Various Types of Emirates visas for UAE

The government of UAE offers distinctive entry into their country based on business or pleasure. The offers entry to the free zones which will have an economics department in various states of UAE.

Dubai Visit Visa

Those traveling to the UAE on business or for family visits or staying longer than 14 days will need to apply for a visit visa. Visas 30 days (short-term) or visa 90 days (long-term). Neither can be extended. The local relative, who sponsors the visa holder, must also make a deposit, which is refunded after the visa holder leaves the country.

People with 90-day long-term visit visas are only permitted to stay in the country for 60 days following their issuance date.

Individuals are entitled to stay for 30 days from the date of issue for short-term visit visas. It is not possible to renew the visa after the initial 30 days.

For individuals, a 30-day short-term visit visa can only be used for a period of 30 days and cannot be renewed.

Dubai Tourist Visa

The primary agenda of such a visa is to have complete tourism in the country for a limited time. It clarifies that individual can hold their stay in the country for 30 days. It is mandatory to have sponsorship by any operator, new airline, and hotel.

Visitors who obtain a tourist visa are entitled to a stay of 30 days that cannot be extended. For those who stay longer than 30 days on the tourist visa, there is a fine of one dollar per day plus the cost of having an out pass.

Tourist Visa Multiple Entry Visa

Passengers on cruise ships are issued multiple entry visas because their schedule allows them to visit more than once during a single trip. Passports and other travel documents must remain valid for a minimum of three months.

Each stay is 30 days for visas with multiple entries and is valid for six months. There is no renewal of the visa. A visitor must first obtain a visa for multiple entries before entering the UAE.

Transit visa

96-hour transit visas are available for transit passengers stopping in UAE airports for at least eight hours. The traveler must have a ticket for their next destination. They must also have a valid passport for three months.

Residence Visa

A residence visa is a next step after you have been granted an employment visa. There is a two-month validity period for this visa. You can apply for an Emirates ID with the visa and become a resident in the UAE. Your family can enter the UAE with an Emirates ID.

Eligibility Criteria for UAE Visa

You need to complete a systematic application process to obtain a visa for the UAE. The UAE offers visas to citizens of certain countries based on their eligibility. Similarly, the UAE has eligibility criteria for visitors before issuing them visas.

Criteria 1: Travel Record

A minimum of one trip in the past five years. In addition, those who hold a valid visa for Japan, New Zealand, Australia, the European Union, Switzerland, Canada, and Russia as well will also need proof of visiting the UAE within the previous five years.

  • Filling out and signing the visa application form as well as attaching the applicant’s colored photo.
  • A valid passport plus a colored photograph during the six-month verification period.
  • Emirates of Fly Dubai confirm their outbound and return tickets in the original.
  • The host company in the UAE should send you an invitation letter if it exists.
  • Women and students over 18 years and traveling with their husband/parents must submit a letter of consent from them and a Photo ID of their husband/parents. A colored copy of the host passport/residency visa is also required.

Criteria 2: Acceptance of an invitation from relatives living in the United Arab Emirates

Spouses, children under 21, and parents over 90 are welcome in the UAE. Please provide the following documents:

  • A copy of the guest’s passport, residence visa, an invitation letter.
  • An application for a visa is filled out and signed, as well as a colored photo of the applicant.
  • During the 6-month period following the date of travel, you will need to present your original passport.
  • The confirmation of the forward and return tickets of Emirates or Fly Dubai.
  • If any invitations have been issued by the host company in the UAE.
  • In the case of students or women traveling alone, they must be over 18 years of age. He or She needs a letter of authorization from her parents or husband, along with photo identification.
  • We accept credit cards, cash, and checks for visa fees.

Criteria 3: Newly Married Couple

In the case of a passport without the spouse’s name endorsed, you will need to submit:

  • On RS100 stamp paper, attach a notarized affidavit and the marriage certificate.
  • The parents’ no objection certificate, an identification photo, and a wedding picture of the couple must be presented by newlyweds who travel immediately after marriage.